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Chic Pea

If you like a Trip Hop Rocking feel, Chic Pea can rub that musical crave. The band started out as teens strapping their first recordings to every contact they met. Played every one-person dive in the country. Climbed through the snake pit of music detours and has now taken the golden brick road of attention. It proves it pays to be consistent and driven. Once you trip on Chic Pea, you will be a junky for their lic's. 

Chic Pea has been recording a kind of Pop/ Rock style music since 1996 with the primary writers being Lisa Sauro & Michael Phillip Costanzo.  In 1998 they released the first self titled CD “Chic Pea”.  This CD had fair enough attention which encouraged another record to be recorded called “E Pea”.  This record took off getting rave reviews and plenty of air play.  Matters of fact, songs from “E Pea” are still being spun and were just recently featured on the cover of GarageBand as featured band of the month.  “E Pea” is also one of the highest played albums at MP3.com’s sight and in the first month had 12,294 registered downloads. 

 “I Can Find My Way” is the latest released drawing much attention with the famous Tom Coyne of Sterling Sound mastered it.  He has mastered records by recording artists Britney Spears, Pink, Jordin Sparks, Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Tribe Called Quest, Back Street Boys, Def Leppard, De La Soul, Maxwell, N Sync, LL Cool J, Ja Rule, Kelly Rowland ect., ect., much too much to list here.   

This new record is Lisa and Michael’s effort to keep growing and drawing from their music habit.  They are true musicians that have an addiction to writing and no matter what will always create new fresh music.  The songs are mostly written together and are pretty much about people they’ve come in contact with, turmoil with, loved or wished for.  Each song has a different flavor yet always keeping the unique Chic Pea sound.

Lisa Sauro, the chic in “Chic Pea” Says she feels like a reporter because she is compelled to write about everything she experiences.  She’ll think nothing of whipping out a pad and pen and write about a scene she just encountered seconds ago.  “The simplest things that happen around you, that are changing your state of mind from boring to nervous are usually the make up of a good song.  Things that make you think and say "Yeah, I know what they mean.” says Lisa.   “Different is good.  To be surrounded with weird & problematic colorful people is what gives me something to write about.”  

You see Lisa started singing at 3yrs old, starred on stage solo at 5, had no fear and plenty of hamming it up talent, kept singing, singing & singing.  She sang in her church choir and school chorus and through graduating school.  Professionally educated by various vocal teachers including Perry Aims and most notably Mark Baxter, a vocal coach to top singers on the charts.  Mark's Client List Includes:  Steven Tyler (Aerosmith),  Gary Cherone (Van Halen), Jonny Lang, Tonic, cast members of RENT, members of Vertical Horizon, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Steven Augeri (Journey), Geezer, and on and on.  

Lisa became the starring voice for TDK recording tape commercials and the voice for the children's cartoon theme song for the show “Rob the Slob.”  Along with a multitude of other leading vocal projects.  Lets just say OK she’s been around & The girl can sing.   Lisa has three records under her belt and belts she has more than just a few.  Not only can she sing but she is a martial artist having a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo , a Blue Belt in the martial art of Shotokan, studied Kungfu and she’s been kickboxing since 1995.  

Lisa’s co-writer and producer is Michael Phillip Costanzo of MPC Studios, NY.  Michael has given Chic Pea a unique sound.  Drumming on all her songs is a must by none other than Johnny Bullet.  Their combination of  talent smarts and “tostonerability” is how you end up with CHIC PEA.   

Chic Pea is currently working under the independent label Ricoché Records/ The Orchard

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